MLA Format: What Is It And How To Use It?

MLA format is the most popular format to employ in academic writing today. In this method, author names, publications, and other information are repeated and italicized throughout the document. Each source is cited by a name and its position in the text, accompanied by an author’s note. There are five citation styles in MLA format: The first citation style in […]

APA Format: What is It and Main Mistakes to Avoid

What is APA format? APA format is a professional writing format and style for academic documents like books and scholarly journal articles. It’s most commonly used for referencing sources in the discipline of social and behavioral sciences. The discipline of psychology is one area where what is APA format most common. This is because psychologists frequently use psychological terms and […]

APA Citation While Writing a Paper: Tips and Tricks

A person may be confused when he receives a requirement to use APA citation. First, they may wonder what kind of citation they are receiving, since it clearly states what kind of information that should be. Second, they may not understand how to read the citation, especially if they have never encountered APA citations before. Third, and most importantly, they […]

Dissertation: What Is It And How To Write It?

A dissertation is an extremely important document submitted to help qualify for an educational degree or professional certification. It involves presenting the author’s original research and findings on a particular topic. The document must be researched, written, and presented in a manner approved by the university’s department of either arts and sciences or mathematics and should contain original research, not […]

Definition Essay Writing Tips – How to Write

A definition essay is typically a required writing assignment for many college students. Whether you’re a college student or a high school student, you’ll need to write this type of essay. It’s usually written in response to a prompt by your professor or instructor. In this essay, you’ll be asked to define something. You must follow the guidelines, as given, […]

Writing The Cause And Effect Essay: Definition And Tips

A cause and effect essay is a form of academic composition that studies the effects of a specific event on one or more events in the rest of the universe. It requires exploring available evidence and forming reasonable claims regarding the causal relationship. Students must demonstrate a strong command of statistical reasoning skills and an ability to construct cause-and-effect arguments […]

The Basics of Explanatory Essay Writing

An explanatory essay is basically a research paper on some specific topic. And why? This article type is all about how to write an explanatory essay. Why? Well, it is because writing one will require you to look at many things, including the history, your purpose, your thesis statement, and the ideas that you are trying to get across. Explanatory […]