Tips to Write an Informative Essay

An informative essay is a written piece that aims to educate the reader about a specific subject or topic. Most of the time, people write these essays as a response to a given piece by another person, usually a professor, who has written an essay on the same topic. Informative essays are very similar to reviews, as they both attempt […]

Expository Essay: Definition And Writing Guide

Student-Favorite Format The expository essay has long been a favorite among students who are required to present their case or research problem for class. This essay type is one of the most popular due to the fact that it can be used in various settings and situations. Students have been known to choose this format when they need to present […]

How to Write an Argumentative Essay: Full Analysis

Introduction An argumentative essay has certain rules that you must follow if you want your essay to be accepted by the college admission board. It should be based on certain facts and not just on your own personal feelings and emotions. But the first argument, generally, is based on personal feelings and goes without any supporting evidence, while the second […]