Guide on Picking Right Argumentative Essay Topics For College Students

Guide on Picking Right Argumentative Essay Topics For College Students

There are thousands of argumentative essay topics that students can choose to write their essays for college. Some of the most popular and widely used essay topics are: Why do some people have it better than others? What can we do to improve our lives? Why are some people better at some sports than others? What are some of the reasons that there is violence in our world today?

There are a number of different unique argumentative essay topics that one could choose to write their essay on. An example of how colleges provide their students with topics to choose from is illustrated in the picture:

College argumentative essay topics

However, if you want to have an easy time writing your essay, you should make sure that you choose one of the easy argumentative essay topics for college. Those are topics, that do not require too much research or too much thinking on your part. These topics are those, that do not try to tackle controversial issues, but rather stick to hard facts. The following are some top argumentative paper topics for college students.

The Most Common and Popular Topics for an Argumentative Essay

Coming from personal research, here is the list of the most common topics for an argumentative essay:

  • Pros and Cons of United States Politics;
  • The Economy of The United States;
  • How Education Helps Students Deal With Social Issues;
  • View on Physical Education;
  • Equal Rights for Women;
  • Illegal Immigration.

Here is the view on each topic in depth.

One of the most popular argumentative essay topics for college students is the pros and cons of United States politics. Many people do not like either American nation because they feel that the United States is not a perfect country. It has been described as the greatest nation ever created in the history of mankind, and individuals have said that the United States is perfect for capitalism or at least works well under this system. Other people have said that it is far from perfect and that our government does not do enough to protect the people of the United States from selfish interests.

Another popular argumentative essay topics for college students is the pros and cons of the economy of the United States. This topic comes up quite often because of all the problems the US has experienced over the last decade. Many people believe that our economy is in a state of decline and there is no hope for change. They say that the problems are caused by global warming, over-regulation, a failing education system, unemployment, a failing currency, and many other factors. People usually argue about the best way for America to deal with all of these problems.

The next argumentative essay topics for college students will discuss how education helps students deal with all of these problems. Usually, the debate revolves around whether education is good for a student. Some say that education is vital to the point that it can never be replaced. Others believe that life experiences are important and that they should be discussed instead of a topic of education.

Argumentative essay topics that discuss physical educational matters often begin with arguments that are about how exercise is good for a person. Some people will claim that it prevents illness, while others will say it promotes good health. There are several different opinions on this topic. The best argument for this topic is that physical education promotes good health, but other people will say that there are negative effects on poor health. To get a good idea of what other people believe, it is a good idea to read a few good argumentative essay topics that deal with this subject.

Another topic that argumentative essay topics for college students get into is the idea of equal rights for women. These topics deal with why it is important to have equal rights for women. Some will claim that the argument is simply that women should have the same rights as men. Other students get into a bit more detail, explaining that having equal rights for women is important because it promotes a sense of equality in society. This topic requires a bit more of an explanation than the previous topic discussed in this article, so it would probably be a good idea for students to read a few books or even research online about the topic to get a better understanding of the topic.

The last topic that argumentative essay topics for college students get into deals with the topic of illegal immigration. These topics deal with how illegal immigration is affecting the United States. Some will argue that the problem is not irregular migrants so much as illegal labor coming into the United States. They will also claim that the problem is not illegal immigration so much as poor workmanship by some American companies. These students may also point out that many illegal immigrants are working in the United States under the table, and they are not doing any harm to the American economy. To decide which side of the argument you believe is correct, you may want to read a few books and research the topic more.

Choosing An Argumentative Essay Topics In 2 Steps

For many college students, the first year of their college education can be difficult to decide on good essay topics. Some may choose easy argumentative essay topics for college, while others may want to try harder, and challenge their way through the assignment. The first step in deciding on your essay topics for college is to decide what you plan to use your essay to do. If you have a clear idea as to the main purpose of your essay, it will make the decision easier.

Argumentative essay topics variety

  1. The first step to choose essay topics for college is to consider the topic and the writer’s personal experience with it. Do you personally relate to the argument presented? Have you read enough literature on the topic? By thinking about these things, you will be able to better determine what kind of essay you will be writing. You should also consider the level of your English class at school because different levels require different essay topics. One good amongst argumentative essay topics for college is “The Use of Classical Music.” This essay topics list is intended to inspire those writing a composition based on music. One good way to describe classical music is to say that it is a genre characterized by slow, majestic ballads and piano music. By writing this essay, you will be inspired to write a composition about music or another form of classical music, such as opera. Another good essay topic for college is “Rationale and Emotion in Science.” This is a good essay topic because it allows you to express your science knowledge. It can also provide examples of research about how people affect the quality of their lives (emotion is one of the factors that affect the quality of one’s life). The topics of rationales and emotions are quite easy to write about, and you will be able to find many good rationales and emotions by looking at scientific journals and books.
  1. Finally, you should choose essay topics that are related to your major’s area of study. For example, if you are a chemistry major, choose some essay topics relating to chemical reactions and how these actions affect the world. Or, if you are a physics major, choose some essay topics that describe the different shapes and sizes of objects. If you are a biological or medical major, choose some essay topics that discuss diseases or health in general. Finally, if you are a creative writing major, then you can write some good essay topics that will stimulate your audience or talk about what makes you tick.


Remember that the process of choosing argumentative essay topics isn’t rocket science. You will just need to be willing to look at all the options and choose the topic that best fits your major’s area of study. Once you have chosen the topic that you think is right for your argument, then you are ready to start writing the essay. You can either use a checklist to do the bulk of the work (if you are a quick thinker), or you can use your voice to ask questions or make statements throughout the essay. Whatever method you choose, remember that it is important to have a good idea of what your main point is and to use this to support your argumentative essay.