Writing The Cause And Effect Essay: Definition And Tips

A cause and effect essay is a form of academic composition that studies the effects of a specific event on one or more events in the rest of the universe. It requires exploring available evidence and forming reasonable claims regarding the causal relationship. Students must demonstrate a strong command of statistical reasoning skills and an ability to construct cause-and-effect arguments […]

The Basics of Explanatory Essay Writing

An explanatory essay is basically a research paper on some specific topic. And why? This article type is all about how to write an explanatory essay. Why? Well, it is because writing one will require you to look at many things, including the history, your purpose, your thesis statement, and the ideas that you are trying to get across. Explanatory […]

How to Write a Good College Application Essay

A college application essay is a sequence of grouped ideas, presented logically, to support eligibility for admission. It plays a pivotal part in delivering a proper and rational introduction to your appliance to college. However, if you’ve already written and formatted your own essay, it’ll only help you establish yourself in the college-reading community. How to begin a college application […]

Tips on The Way to Write a Synthesis Essay

A synthesis essay is essentially a review of an essay that has already been written. It’s used as a guide by students on what’s to be gained from the varied texts that they read. This way, students learn what has been deduced from what has been learned. This also helps them come up with an honest and workable conclusion to […]

Tips to Write an Informative Essay

An informative essay is a written piece that aims to educate the reader about a specific subject or topic. Most of the time, people write these essays as a response to a given piece by another person, usually a professor, who has written an essay on the same topic. Informative essays are very similar to reviews, as they both attempt […]